Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Great start to this week! Did a photoshoot yesterday for our main brief so we could present it last night against the 3 other creative teams in the summer school. this week it was held at our agency so didnt have to go to far! Very positive feedback- Shaun said he would enter ours into the competition- a chance to get the work actually made and win an award. So just to have the chance is a great opportunity!

today back down to business with the 7 mini briefs. have to admitt never been so stumped for ideas! both Andy and me totally hit a brick wall with ideas for direct mail in the last few days. Maybe because we know how difficult it is to get heard... quite a dry brief so difficult to get enthusiasm for it. Got a bit worried we weren't going to deliver anything so headed to the nearest cafe for coffee and sofas to rethink.

Managed a few ideas and two of them got into the boardroom to be decided over with the other top dogs so that was good, even if they don't get taken foreward!

Definately not seen the best of us yet, hopefully we will prove what we can do over the next few weeks.

''Ideas should be the master of technology. Not the other way round''

Very important lesson with todays technology.