Thursday, 27 August 2009

Its good to be back

3 weeks in manchester and off again. Spent rather a lot of time chilling out and doing not a lot since I've been back, but feel I have accomplished quite a lot never the less! Making myself at home in our beautiful penthouse flat, a weeks work at uni for the conformation line, sorting portfolio/work ect and A LOT of essay research. It took me a while to decide on a subject at the beginning of summer but i'm glad I took my time and waited for inspiration to strinke me because now I've got into it I can't wait to delve deeper. I'm confident I can write something really interesting, modern and relevent now- especially after everything I unearthed in London!

Going to Newcastle tomorrow for a few days to visit my god daughter and best friend and then to Wales for visiting the Grandparents. Two of my fave places in all the world so it's going to be an exciting week! Hoping to get to the Tate and soak up the amazing countryside =)