Tuesday, 13 October 2009

La Jetee - by Chris Marker (1962)

Oh how I adored this film. It was so mesmerising. The images were so atmospheric and communicated so much. I've never seen any piece of moving image that seemed to work so simply. I never would have thought of using stills as being an effective way to create moving image. I particularly liked the use of shadows in the images, so much was unseen or covered.

It also interested me how important the narrative was to the story. I'm really interested in reading at the moment - in my silence work i'm experimenting a lot with looking at the experience of reading as opposed to looking at visuals and how it differs. The stills gave a strong indication of what was going on, set a visual scene, but the narrative was vital. I wondered if you took the images away, how would the visuals materialise individually in people's minds? No doubt it would be a totally different experience for each person. Something totally unique.