Monday, 21 September 2009

Here's some work that I did while I was in London for a campaign for Connections at Saint Martins, a London based homeless charity who does a lot of immediate work in the area helping to get people off the streets.

We designed these stickers to be stuck all over Westminster that would draw peoples attention to the reality of homeless lifestyles.

The work for this brief went down really well and it was entered into a competition to be presented to the client. Still waiting to see what happens, but who ever wins will get to exhibit and have there ideas made!

So much to do, so little time

I think i'm having a mid life crisis. I am sadly now 22 and wish I was 17 and am sad that I wish that I was 17 and I can't just be happy that I'm 22 and still young. There's so much to do and so little time! I had so many things planned to do this summer and didn't get to do half of them. I still did loads, I hardly had a spare minute - but then you get back and see what everyone else has done!

So I went visiting family and friends in the last few weeks we had.

Photos in the wrong order again but never mind!
I went to Lincoln for the day with my Mum and the weather was gorgeous!

This amazing little book shop in Lincoln. I love the smell of books =) and I have never seen so many crammed in anywhere- some of them must have been worth hundreds and been hundreds of years old!

We came across this guy making these patterns on the pavement near the cathedral. It might not look that impressive, but he was just using hand movements to control the way the powder fell onto the floor. It was really skilled and the patterns he was making were so intricate.

Some beautiful scenery from home on my birthday. I was hoping we might get a bit more sunshine before the summer ended and we did- spent most the week sunbathing it was so hot! I think i;m going to try and do some paintings and drawings from some of these pics.

While in Wales I visited this village called Portmeirion- It was built by a guy called Clough Williams-Ellis in the style of european houses, mainly Italian. He started in the 30's and kept building whenever he had money right up untill the 60's. Its such a strange place - you would think you were standing in Italian village nestled in the hills.

Aparently he only built it because he loved how the Italian architecture sat so well with nature and was built around it into the hills.

And in Newcastle visiting my God daughter. Children are the best inspiration ever!
A giant python which was pretty awesome! He actually said that it could of eaten most of the children there, so to stand back. yum yum!

Alissa isnt scared of any animals, in fact she can't get enough of them. Everything just becomes so much more exciting when there's a child around, even the little things! Ahh what it is to be young....