Friday, 26 February 2010

2nd year 3D Design

I went to take a look at the exhibition that followed ours in the Holdon gallery, a lighting display by 2nd year 3D students. The lights displayed were inspired by 'under the sea' plants and life. I immediately thought of my workshop project that I did with Jonny Hardstaff, Object React, because my object was called a Venus Flower basket that grows under the sea. I wonder if I could pass on my research and ideas to a 3D student and see if they could bring the beautiful object to life! hmm!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Degree show idea...

''What works wonders in the Now, is not the bomb or the bullet,
but the two humble objects: the hyphen and the word 'and'.
Northern Irish and British, Asian-English.''

My idea for the degree show came from the quote above I found during research for my current project. It is not a design or visual style, just an idea for the concept and name we could base the degree show on. It struck me that Design is such a multi-faceted disipline and each person on the course has their own unique style and ambitions, but in todays world people take on many roles and it is accepted that you don’t have to fit into one simple catorgory. We are not just designers, but communicators and artists/photographers and art directors and ideas-people, and also many of us feed lots of other parts of our lives into our design too. This name would be a celebration of all the sides of design and the variety of skills/job titles we will be graduating with as well as giving us a nice typographical name to play with and lots of scope to develop the concept/theme across the whole identity of the show.

Well I will present this on Tuesday along with everyone else and see what people think!

Holdon Gallery -

The second D&AD exhibit in the Holdon gallery for 3rd years opened up last week and this time I decided to exhibit part 2 of my silence project, a film called '9 minutes ago'. This was a great opportunity for me as I wasn't happy with the final version of the film I handed in for assessment, a few last minute technical hitches meant it was really bad quality. After spending so long working on the film I decided for my own piece of mind that I was going to try and fix it in the couple of weeks we had off before we got our results. I thought this would be an easy task, but no, this film I swear had a vengeance on my sanity and refused to make anything easy. (I will probably explain more of this when I can finally figure out how to upload the film onto here, which it won't do at the moment). Anyway, this exhibition meant I could finally draw a line underneath my silence project and put it to rest.

I think this gallery space is a really great opportunity to come up this year and I'm glad Allessandra is making the most of it for us, we don't often get a chance to see people outside our tutor groups work, or even to print things off nicely before assessment so this is a great chance to do this as well as let the rest of the university know what we're up to.