Sunday, 27 June 2010

D&AD Degree show!

Friday the 18th bought us our degree show opening night! It was a huge success and packed to the brim of lovely people and work. Check out everyone who was involved here :

Watch this space for more work from the rest of the degree show!

D&AD Degree show!

On Thursday, we finally recieved our degree results - and I got a 2:1!!
I have had a wonderful 4 years at university, and now all the hard work has paid off.  Since we finished, I've been so busy it hardly feels any different to the rush of the last year, but I am having a great time, getting lots of interviews, experience and catching up with my social life!

Watch this space world, here I come!

Lovely jubly

Two ads that have really caught my attention this week.  The art direction of the Cadbury Flake is mesmerising, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Then Mcdonald's have bought out a world cup version of their 'Mcdonalds for everyone'.  Ok, It's still Mcdonalds, but the writing for this ad is beautiful and I love listening to it!