Tuesday, 28 July 2009

and more of the weekend....

It is extremely annoying that as you add to your post it adds it to the top and not the bottom... I can't see any sense in this and its ruining the order!! And I like things to be in order. I have so much to post up while i'm in London its hard to keep up with everything....

So heres a few more things that have happened in the last few days...

Office summer party! Free margahritas my favourite and had a really great time chatting to everyone. Had to leave early unfortunately, but everyone got very drunk and we got bacon sanwhiches for breki in the morning. Good times!

I went to see Harry Potter at last! Well what can I say, I reckon they missed about 3/4s of the story out, what they did keep in half they made up and half was changed. I know they can't fit it all in but i felt it was a poor effort! Obviously they've already cut down half the last book content now by missing out some key storylines now so who knows what the last film will be like!!
I guess if you havn't read the book then it was probably pretty good, the special effects were amazing I must admit, just a shame about everything else.
Bellatrix is still my favourite =)
And everyone should read the books, they can't even compare to the films.

Yesterday was the Crit with Dave Trott for the G-Wizz brief he set us last week. Spent ages this week on coming up with ideas. And he didn't even look at people's work. Two were late and so he went off on one and basically shouted at us for an hour and then left! Not much help really. especially seen as what he shouted about was just a repeat of last week. Welcome to the real world I guess!
However, I did take a few things from him, he gave us a great tip of going through the newspaper, picking out bad ads and re-doing them. That way, you get totally new work that no one else has done, and your not trying to compete with people over the same briefs. It says straight away ''look whats being published, I can do it better''.

Then we had a presentation about writing for radio- very useful hints and tips, the main one being, STOP FOLLOWING RULES. This can stifle your creativity. If it works it works and it doesn't matter how you got there. So the new brief is to write a script for Kiss radio station based on the idea that ''Music Is Life''. It's for Kiss so they own the air time and it could be made if it's good enough.

Meanwhile, at work, Starting on a new brief today for a press campaign for a very expensive sports car make....

The Tate Modern

Also at the weekend I went to the Tate Modern . I didn't finish looking round everything but these are a few of my highlights... (Dance- painted with food)

Ed Ruscha- Don't know why I havn't come across this work before but I loved it and it was my favourite of the exhibition. There was a whole room on him- off to do some more research into him and his work!
States of Flux- Red star exhibition. Russian Revolution/Soviet Union posters.
Most of these weren't attributed to artists and very difficult to find the ones I liked online (not allowed to take photographs) but the times of handmade posters always inspires me. I love the mixture of painted/drawn imagery, typograhy and advertising!
Robert Therrain- Table and four chairs. Very surreal, but I guess thats the point. Shapes are so perfectly mimicked for the scale! I wonder how it was made.
Miroslaw Balka- Soap. Very bizarre and no explanation so i'm not sure what her thoughts were behind this piece but I found myself very drawn to it. Displayed at the Tate they were just a long line of used soaps hanging from ceiling to floor... but very beautiful.
Michelangelo Pistoletto- Venus of the rags. This was one of my favourites- the statue was based on a kitsch reproduction found in a garden centre and the ''complex juxta position of modern and historical images''
Merideth Frampton- portrait of Marguerite Kelsey. I don't know who that is but the face was like a photograph. I love paintings which look like photographs they amaze me.
Max Ernst- The entire City. enchanted by the markings that make up this painting and the composition.
Edward Burra- for some reason I can't stop thinking about Edward Hoppers Night Hawks when I see this. I have no idea why, it doesn't really resemble it but I imagine this as the close up of the man and woman at the bar... very strange.
Dahli- The forgotten Horizon. This is so detailed and delicately soft it feels like a memory, when you look closer the 3 girls appear to be plonked right there as though they are a hallucination of your mind.

Monday, 27 July 2009

The weekend =)

The National British Museum: Garden and Cosmos
On friday after work I went to look at this Indian painting exhibition and it was amazing! Most of the work wasn't really attributed to any paticular artisist (mainly princes and court people) but the detail of everything is so incredible. You can't really see much in these reproductions but they are a few of my favourite from the exhibition.
shivdas bhatti- amar das

krishnas enchanted grove- This is part of 3 massive paintings which show the God Krishna. All the women come looking for him and to satisfy them he multiplys himself into hundreds (the trees) so they can all have him.

You can't see very well but every bit of the paintings, paticularly the plants and people are really minutely detailed- some of the strokes and patterns are so tiny I don't even know how they were done with human hands! On the water there are tiny little scratches in the silver paint which make it glisten like ripples in the light.

jallandharn and the princess: An Indian story about a princess taking off after someone, she's throwing her bracelte to the guy she loves whos below- in the end she marries him! Lovely!

They painted with squirrel tail brushes with pigments made from minerals and vegetables all on handmade paper. And women were actually very important, in court they had a say in politics and were often advisors and writers!

Cosmic Ocean

chakras of the subtle body:

''Once upon a time I was formless and eternal and I wished to create the world''

I also found out that the peacock (my favourite animal which is in loads of their paintings) is an Indian symbol for love!