Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Holdon gallery

Some other D&AD work...

Some work from Interactive art -

My work! I am really pleased that I put my work into this exhibition. I wasn't going to because I didn't think I had anything to show, but then I decided to enter these and i'm so glad I did. I realised when I was there that I haven't shown any work in an exhibition outside of just the course since foundation, so it was nice to let and see other people looking at the photo's. Well done Alessandra and others, they did a great job of organising it!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

DDB London

These posters by DDB advertising their annual Nabs music quiz night to other agencies poke fun at them (and themselves). Nice copy and nice imagery - just very nice in general!

nice posters

McCan Erikson - the London Evening Standard



House of Cards

I recently came across this ad campaign by Leo Burnett for Shelter homeless charity called House of Cards. They commissioned 52 artists to design a card and then had a big exhibition in London, auctioning off the originals and selling packs of the cards. I think this is such a good idea for pro-bono work - it's fresh and different and not just a typical charity ad, but raises awareness and probably raised a lot of cash too. These are some of the cards below:
Vivienne Westwood


Polly Morgan

Marc Quin

Julie verhoeven

Gillian Wearing

David Bailey

Damien Hirst

Boo Ritson

Alexandre McQueen

Antoni and Alison

And here's a link to the TV spot - not as good as the commissioned cards I don't think, but the whole campaign links nicely together!

Advertising that has caught my eye this month...

Well I still don't know how to upload videos from You Tube so they show up, i'm still sticking in links. I know its a pain but I hope you click on them, there's some good stuff to watch!

Rocky biscuits: BBAB (British biscuit advisory board). I love this, think it is quirky and funny, nice piss take with the BBAB. I don't think it would make me actually buy rocky's though, but I guess it will raise the profile amongst the young people targeted.

Secondly... Can't believe I am saying this, but this advert for the Sun newspaper is great. Witty, clever, nice copy and it is so true. I think they've got it spot on, an inspired piece of advertising that I reckon will make people chuckle and probably buy the paper again.

Some lovely things from the last few months...