Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth, American born artist:

Very similar to Stephan Bruggemann. But I guess everything is similar to something - nothing is really original any more. I think it's almost impossible.

Fred Eerdekens

Another artist rather than a designer, but one that works with type and the environment, and I think could easily cross over into the design world. I wonder whether the words really do appear from the shadows or if it's a trick of the light? Again this is one i'll probably come back to for the geography project!

Stefan Bruggemann

I do have a soft spot for art like this, statements in simple type but that really make you think. I realised I've picked out quite a few of them this year! Still, they always capture my attention and that's what I like about art. I like the simplicity as well, there is something about a written statement that appeals to me - it is so bold to just say it out loud rather than cloud the message in metaphors and images, putting the question directly in people's head, especially when the work itself questions 'art', I love that! A lot of my ideas in the silence project came out of research and exploration into the use of words and the difference of using words and images, and I enjoyed this subject a lot. I think I'll be referring back to this artist when I start one of my bigger projects later on which is going to be the Geography one from IDST about taking reading into the environment.

''Using all media, Br├╝ggemann’s works often consist of small gestures, additions, or alterations to a given space, medium, or genre.''

Beat Streuli

I came across this photographer while looking in a book about Installation art. Now I've gone back to them to post them I realise I love them even more! He basically takes pictures of everyday people on the street. There is nothing particularly special about the photography technically, but it's the idea of capturing ordinary people in an ordinary moment which is kind of pure and unposed. It feels like celebrity snaps the paparazzi take Then he takes them and displays them in areas usually reserved for advertising. I just like looking at these people and wondering what they were thinking and where they were going!

Andreas Uebel

So I have spent the last week doing research for about 7 projects. I thought it would help me narrow down which ones I wanted to work on and which ones I might drop, but it hasn't, it's just made me want to work on them all. Dammit! Still it's been a nice week and I've found lot's of inspiration, some directly related to my projects which has mainly gone in the old sketchbook, but i'm blogging some of the stuff I've found which I know I'll want to look at soon for my other project and some other stuff which I just Love. =) enjoy...

Andreas Uebele:

''art writes its own laws. familiar everyday things are removed from reality. in the wordmark for the gallery for contemporary art the letters are removed as well. abandoning themselves to the rhythm of a siren song, they have sailed away from their standard spacing. through the apparently random blacking of the counters – the white spaces in the letters – the wordmark with its irregular spacing seems somehow syncopated. plain information is transformed into contemporary art''

This guy's website is full of quite diverse work, although it all has a very typographical and distinct style to it.

''the agency is active in all areas of visual communications. projects are handled by small interdisciplinary teams comprising communications designers, media engineers and architects.''

I have become really interested in the way that design/advertising agencies work internally this year. Since we are getting so close to the big wide world, I kind of worried that the kind of place I wanted to work didn't really work and was just a ideal in my head. I'm feeling a little more confident now that my perfect job is out there somewhere, I just have to find it.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentines sale

I helped out on the second day of the Valentine's fundraiser in the Holdon Gallery and thankfully it was a lot more successful than the first day, we managed to raise over £200 all together! I made lots of chocolate hearts and wrapped them up in red netting and ribbon. I also ended up buying about 4 cakes myself during the day (it was pretty difficult to sit by them all day and not be tempted). By the end of the day all we had left was a few cards so it was a success all round!

mmm lovely

I LOVE Wieden and Kennedy's work. Particularly at the moment, the Cravendale adverts are great. Every time I see them it makes me smile, they are so crazy and abstract, I think that's great for such a boring and everyday product like Milk.

Then there is Lurpack... mm mm mmmmmmmmm Lurpack omg my mouth is watering just thinking about theses adverts and the lovely melting butter and hot toast and crispy bacon and fluffy jacket potatoes! It's not just the food but the beautiful shots and lighting, the seductive man narrator and the sizzling cooking sounds. Beats M&S for me any day!

I also came across these posters for Ford Pick-ups by Ogilvy - very authentic, and it's always nice to see something out of the ordinary for car ads, especially from a boring brand like Ford!