Saturday, 21 November 2009

Amnesty International brief

When the silence brief came out I was really interested in the Amnesty side of it but it didn't really relate to anything that I had been looking at. Then Helen and me decided to give it a go as a separate project. Haven't really got far yet because of New York etc. but here's some research into previous campaigns that Amnesty has done. They definately have a strong visual style - every poster really does pack a punch. I'm not one for the in your face shock factor - i think people have seen it all and tend to just shy away from the real message. However, I think Amnesty do the shock poster very well. They have such a sense of reality and when I first see them they always take my breath away.

They also have quite a strong graphical style when they use it. I think for the brief that's set us for the silence project, the work can be a lot more subtle as it is not for a specific cause, but freedom of speech all over the world in countries that don't value it as highly as they should. You're not supposed to reference any country in particular which either makes it a lot easier, or a lot harder, I can't make up my mind!

Well these posters don't need any introduction...

Friday, 20 November 2009


This gallery was another huge one, a lot to look round but here are some of my favourites! I found a lot of work I liked in New York, but I don't know whether I was just tired or what, I didn't really get any ideas while I was in the City. Usually when I go to galleries I come away brimming with ideas, but for some reason on this trip inspiration just didn't come to me! Still, that didn't take away from an amazing experience at all!

Monet water lillies

Various posters -

Stefan Sagmeister -


Irving Penn

Jenny Holzer -

Carol Bove -

Jack Pierson - Heroin

Paul McCarthy - Penis hat

Mark Grotjahn:-

Martin Kippenberger:-

Charlene von Heyl: -

Marcel Odenbach - you can't see the forest for trees
A newspaper collage of a large German concentration camp, with hidden faces and text.

Hanne Darboven - Month 3 (March)