Sunday, 4 October 2009


I guess I'm beginning to sell out... I just love London and I can't get enough of it! And the best thing about being a northerner is that they love you =) Peter Saville was right, northerners do work harder and don't the southerners seem to know it!

Well, on Tuesday I blagged my way into a social media day at Ogilvy in London and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous of social media. haha, not quite but almost. I met the marketing director of YouTube, Spotify, Last FM, Skype and Bebo. I talked to an American guy who worked on Obama's facebook campaign. I also met the guy who my whole essay was inspired by- David Bausola - who is the founder of this new idea called Purefold. Its this company who work with friendfeed and creative commons and Ridley Scott films and they basically create content based on Live internet feeds for brands and then hand them over to the public, who can do what they want with them.

It's the future. =)

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