Friday, 20 November 2009


All in all I think the review went very well for me. I did work hard in the run up to it to get as much as possible done and I think it paid off. My estimated grade was high 50's, just bordering on a 60 which is what I was hoping for although I was too scared to admit it. Considering I got 62 last term and I was really disapointed, I'm feeling much more confident now. I know I've got more to do and places to go before January and I am capable of pushing my marks up if I keep developing my work!

Firstly Kino 4 posters. I did a lot of experimentation over summer for these projects and really enjoyed trying things out. I think the tutors liked my designs and the fact that I'd tried so many things too, but I felt the comments helped me to make a final decision on what design, and mainly what stock, my final posters will go into my portfolio as for the January assesment. It should only take me an afternoon to print them off and have three final pieces.

Secondly, Silence. Well. Since we began I have done a lot of work for the silence project and felt i'd produced some nice ideas. I knew I was very much just finishing off part one still when we went into the reviews, but this wasn't concerning me because I felt I had a strong concept and lots of work. The review really helped me because I had come to a bit of a stand still in knowing the right way to take my project in to part two and a a finished piece. Both Liz and Mac said my work was crying out to be taken into moving image and to try my hand at making a film sequence from the visuals and ideas I already had. At first I was a little dubious about this - I'm not a moving image person, I don't have the technical skills and have never done it before. i felt like without a lot of technical help that I wouldn't really be able to achieve this. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to produce something good enough to make it worth while doing a moving image and that would let my work down.

However, I have thought a lot about it while I was in New York, and decided that it is the right way to go. I can't find another way to push my work forward, it doesn't really fit into the folding document catorgory. I also should make the use of facilities and technicians while I have the opportunity at uni. For me this project has been a nice experiment and to experiment with moving image will really challenge my creative skills. I'm hoping I can blag the technical skills by collaborating with people who know what to do and maximising the technicians.

Wish me luck!

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