Sunday, 13 December 2009

Advertising that has caught my eye this month...

Well I still don't know how to upload videos from You Tube so they show up, i'm still sticking in links. I know its a pain but I hope you click on them, there's some good stuff to watch!

Rocky biscuits: BBAB (British biscuit advisory board). I love this, think it is quirky and funny, nice piss take with the BBAB. I don't think it would make me actually buy rocky's though, but I guess it will raise the profile amongst the young people targeted.

Secondly... Can't believe I am saying this, but this advert for the Sun newspaper is great. Witty, clever, nice copy and it is so true. I think they've got it spot on, an inspired piece of advertising that I reckon will make people chuckle and probably buy the paper again.

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