Sunday, 17 January 2010

Amnesty International - one day turnover!

So finally Helen and I got round to doing the Amnesty International brief that we have been attempting for the last few months. After doing a few sessions of research and ideas we decided to hit the nail on the head and see what we could do in just one day.

The concept is based around encouraging people to stand up for what they believe in and make sure they get involved. We strayed slightly from the brief because we really wanted to create a little live campaign so to speak that would be in the environment of the university and catch the attention of manchester students, but we didn't think this mattered as it was just an extra project.

Are whole idea was based around the quote 'Freedom of Speech is useless, unless you have something to say', which we felt really helped capture people's attitude of taking for granted our freedom and turning the other cheek when it comes to making a difference.

We decided to place our message in the lifts around university because we felt this offered the perfect opportunity to capture people's attention and give them a few seconds to think about the message. Using the doors to separate the message made it more powerful and attention capturing. Above is a little film we made of the lift going up and down as we applied the words.

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