Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Morag Myerscough

Morag left St. Martins in 88, a year after I was born, so I suppose she has had a long time to establish her career. It's scary and exciting that we are just starting out!

What really struck me about Morag was the fact she seemed to get involved with everything she did. I liked it that she showed pictures of her painting and building and putting the exhibitions together. She seemed to be thoroughly involved and have total ownership of every project. I really related to what she said about budgeting and the fact that if you try hard enough you can make anything work with the amount you have. It may sound dull, but I am super organised and would really enjoy working with budgets and being creative with them. More and more I am realising, that although I love what I do and have a passion for it, in a career I would never be fully satisfied just sticking to one thing. Idea generation and conceptual thinking are my strengths within design, but I'd want to work with the client, do the research, write briefs, write copy, check the budget, present the work, be part of building/designing it too. I'm not sure if this is possible for most people, I think you have to be extremely persevering and lucky to be in a position like this. Maybe the places to start are much smaller company's, and I certainly wouldn't rule out starting my own studio in the furture, working with a team of people who all have different strengths but ultimately work together. She did divulge however that she starts work at 5.30 and finishes at 9. I have a great admiration of that much dedication and think that is probably what it takes to be as successful as she is, but personally I don't ever see myself being in that situation. Don't get me wrong I'm not afraid of hard work, I spend 10 hours a day working most days, i'd put as much work as it took in to getting something done, and I get that if you enjoy what you do it becomes your life, but seriously? I think there is more to life and there's a lot of other things I want to experience besides work.

This is one of my favourite projects that Morag showed us. I love the idea that a school can be treated so professionally and with a design manor. Lately I have become really interested in what design can really do for society. Thinking a lot about what I want to do when I leave in June I've been reconsidering what 'advertising' can be, what I can do with my skills and how and whether it's a realistic goal to want to make a difference and do something worthwhile in a mainly cosmetic and aesthetic industry. When I look at this project it really makes me think, wow, wouldn't it be amazing if people cared enough to make schools amazing places where kids really wanted to be, where the design and atmosphere was totally based around learning and creating a positive environment. I think it's sad that we can't give all public places a touch of design which would really enhance the everyday experiences of the general public.

London born and London Bred, she talked about London as though we all knew where she was talking about (I for one had no idea of the areas she was discussing). I like it when people have been massively influenced by the place they were bought up in, I think it gives you a strong sense of identity and belonging. I never had that as I moved a few times when I was growing up and went to quite a few schools. Every place I've lived in has effected my life though and played quite a big part in the person that I am today. I couldn't imagine being so committed to one place that I'd never want to leave it though. I like different places for different moods, times, experiences. She said she could never live in the country because she loves to absorb things around her - a feeling I totally agree with. I love the country too though, I want a house in both in an ideal world =)

After the talk we had a chat with Morag in the studio and she gave us some feedback on the Degree show project that Alison and myself worked on. We had no visual feedback on our finished project yet, she gave us a few useful pointers and it was interesting to chat to her about her views of being a woman in a male dominated world. Her point was that she had never felt there were things she couldn't do because she was a woman and it's unfair to blame men completely in this day and age, which is something I have always felt was true, yet women always reach the choice of having a family or not which inevitably effects most women's careers significantly.

Wow well it turns out I had a lot to say about this lecture doesn't it!?

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