Wednesday, 28 April 2010

James Greenhow: portfolio crit

On Monday afternoon I got my chance to speak to James Greenhow and take him through my portfolio.  It was another great portfolio crit! I got some great feedback on my projects, he described my work as very varied which is good, and said I had a knack for executing intelligent ideas very clearly and simply so they had an immediate impact on the viewer.  This was a great compliment!  He again liked my Stonewall project ( brownie points for leaving it in again!) and although he agreed with Love that perhaps it would work better with photographs, he said it showed off my skills in designing round a restriction in the brief and thought it was very creative.

All these portfolio crits have been great practice for June when we leave, they've certainly boosted my confidence massively - I have to admit it is so great to finally sit there and have people validate and commend your work when we spend so much time having it criticised and ripped to shreds.  I also feel I am taking the time to really scrutinise the layout, order and presentation of my portfolio which I think can only come from going through it time and time again with people.  I have a few changes I will make for the June hand in and leaving based on how I know i've felt when flicking though it which I hope will make that extra difference.

So 3 down, 2 to go, tomorrow I have sneaked into a spare spot at Music and have Adrian at Unit Editions!

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