Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Tate Modern

Also at the weekend I went to the Tate Modern . I didn't finish looking round everything but these are a few of my highlights... (Dance- painted with food)

Ed Ruscha- Don't know why I havn't come across this work before but I loved it and it was my favourite of the exhibition. There was a whole room on him- off to do some more research into him and his work!
States of Flux- Red star exhibition. Russian Revolution/Soviet Union posters.
Most of these weren't attributed to artists and very difficult to find the ones I liked online (not allowed to take photographs) but the times of handmade posters always inspires me. I love the mixture of painted/drawn imagery, typograhy and advertising!
Robert Therrain- Table and four chairs. Very surreal, but I guess thats the point. Shapes are so perfectly mimicked for the scale! I wonder how it was made.
Miroslaw Balka- Soap. Very bizarre and no explanation so i'm not sure what her thoughts were behind this piece but I found myself very drawn to it. Displayed at the Tate they were just a long line of used soaps hanging from ceiling to floor... but very beautiful.
Michelangelo Pistoletto- Venus of the rags. This was one of my favourites- the statue was based on a kitsch reproduction found in a garden centre and the ''complex juxta position of modern and historical images''
Merideth Frampton- portrait of Marguerite Kelsey. I don't know who that is but the face was like a photograph. I love paintings which look like photographs they amaze me.
Max Ernst- The entire City. enchanted by the markings that make up this painting and the composition.
Edward Burra- for some reason I can't stop thinking about Edward Hoppers Night Hawks when I see this. I have no idea why, it doesn't really resemble it but I imagine this as the close up of the man and woman at the bar... very strange.
Dahli- The forgotten Horizon. This is so detailed and delicately soft it feels like a memory, when you look closer the 3 girls appear to be plonked right there as though they are a hallucination of your mind.

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