Monday, 27 July 2009

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The National British Museum: Garden and Cosmos
On friday after work I went to look at this Indian painting exhibition and it was amazing! Most of the work wasn't really attributed to any paticular artisist (mainly princes and court people) but the detail of everything is so incredible. You can't really see much in these reproductions but they are a few of my favourite from the exhibition.
shivdas bhatti- amar das

krishnas enchanted grove- This is part of 3 massive paintings which show the God Krishna. All the women come looking for him and to satisfy them he multiplys himself into hundreds (the trees) so they can all have him.

You can't see very well but every bit of the paintings, paticularly the plants and people are really minutely detailed- some of the strokes and patterns are so tiny I don't even know how they were done with human hands! On the water there are tiny little scratches in the silver paint which make it glisten like ripples in the light.

jallandharn and the princess: An Indian story about a princess taking off after someone, she's throwing her bracelte to the guy she loves whos below- in the end she marries him! Lovely!

They painted with squirrel tail brushes with pigments made from minerals and vegetables all on handmade paper. And women were actually very important, in court they had a say in politics and were often advisors and writers!

Cosmic Ocean

chakras of the subtle body:

''Once upon a time I was formless and eternal and I wished to create the world''

I also found out that the peacock (my favourite animal which is in loads of their paintings) is an Indian symbol for love!

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