Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Another week another brief! beginning of Week 3 and Presenting to the client today so fingers crossed for everything. Bit of a manic day yesterday getting everything ready for today- some people here till half one in the morning and back in at 9, eek! It has been great to watch the work go from sitting in the creative briefing to finished thing presented to the client in two weeks!

Starting on a new brief today- building a bit of 'consistent corporate identity' ooh er.
Havn't had chance to go to a single gallery yet so trying to make time for it in my lunch hour, starting from today! Then I can add some images to the blog =)

Came up with a great (i think so) idea for my CPT file next year... if my work isn't conceptual enough this year i am going to conceptual the hell out of it next year.

Getting set the next IPA brief by none other than Dave Trott tonight at agency Chick Smith Trott- all change we are swapping partners and mixing things up a bit so should be exciting!

Found out that Pravda used a line our team (helen, anna, arron and me) came up with for a curry sauce when we were there a few weeks ago- very pleasing, we've had our first bit of student work ripped off =) !!

Surprised my best friend for her 21st at a little festival called bugjam... got very wet in the rain, stuck in the mud, drunk, and saw Sonic Boom Six who sang happy birthday to her, almost no sleep, but saw some amazing vw racing and some kind of crazy rocket car that did 200m in 6 seconds or somthing like that.

So thats my news from this week so far!


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