Friday, 24 July 2009

hidden gems

Today I also finally had time to stop and look properly at an exhibition at Picadilly square station which i've been walking past to get to work everyday. Its called 'Pop will eat itself' part of a series 'art on the underground' by the government.
The work was scattered round the station and no map, so i had to hunt for it. On my travels I found the back of this closed down Zavvi store (the front of which leads right out onto piccadily square) and someone had left two lifesze models in position behind the shutters. Looked like some kind of dramatic movie scene being played out inside!
Roland Ross- Propulsive 2008. In an abandoned shop window which was all blacked out there was a tiny little peep hole behind which was playing this bizare film of a starfish type thing morphing across the scene. Felt like an idiot peeping through the wall- no one else had even noticed it was there. Think i looked a bit crazy with my face against the glass but it was worth it. Very surreal experience!
Sam Plagerson- Elle 2008 (J.Lo head). There was no exlanation about this unfortunately i don't really know what it was meant to be. Why J.Lo one wonders? Kind of strange and distorted.
Rachel Bradley- Cous Cous. A photograph of a mans chest made out of cous cous (I think)
Jack Newling- An eventful Compression (prints)
Oh what lovely, beautiful type. Might be able to use this for something!
More Jack Newling...

Liu Bolin
I'm starting to find the good things about my 3 hour commute each day. Not only do i get a bit of exercise biking 15 mins each way to the station, when i'm on the train it's like an hour where there isn't really much to do other than read. So each day I get time to read the metro, London lite and the London paper- ok not the greatest papers, but I always find something worth reading in their, reviews and articles for my dissertation and event listings/gallery ads, and occasionally culture things, as well as time to read my campaign subscription and my latest book.

Today there was an article about this artist called Lui Bolin who paints himself into backgrounds to disapear. I've seen this kind of thing before- Emma hack makes beautiful images of herself camaflauged into detailed wallpaper which look really modern. But the piece, called 'The invisable Man' explained how he was forced from his studio by the chinese government and it deeply effected him. His newest set of photos 'Hiding in the city' explore his emotions and experiences of being on the run, trying to keep out of the way and blend in to the background.

This was my paticular favourite- standing amongst the earthquake rubble, this is quite a haunting image that adds a human story to a photograph of surroundings.

''Its what is not seen in a picture that tells the story''.

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