Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Avatar 3D Imax... Amazing

On Saturday night I went to see Avatar at Odeon on Imax 3D. I've never been to Imax before, and the only 3d stuff I've seen is at theme parks and Disney land. It did not disappoint. Even if the film had been rubbish I don't think you can fail to be blown away by a 20 foot screen and images that jump out at you, feels like you want to reach out and grab it. But the film was amazing too. It's just made to be seen in the cinema, I bet when it comes out on DVD it won't have the same impact.

The only words to describe a film like this is beautiful. You can tell that it took over ten years to make, the tiniest little details like I've never seen before on such a cgi-ied film, everything down to the individual blades of grass blowing. The imaginary planet Pandora, the 'future' flowers, plants and creatures are a work out of art in themselves, breathtaking. It's strange to think that the actors actually did such little acting as it is mostly special effects.

The story follows disabled Marine Jake Sully on the 5 year journey to Pandora on a mission to extract some rock worth 20million a kilo. They have invented a way to bring the human brain to life in a different body, so they can go out and explore the land and get to know the natives in bodies like theirs. Obviously, it is not as simple as all that. The story itself is not particularly ground breaking, the old themes of human greed, environmental issues and science getting in the way. I think you can tell the story was written so long ago, if it had been released ten years ago then it probably would have been ground breaking, but the film's not about that, it's about technology and in that respect this is probably the most advanced film ever made! You have to go and experience it in Imax 3d before it's taken out of the cinemas!

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