Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Here's some more, not really related but lovely never the less, things that I found on my library day. I read every issue of Flux, Creative Review and ID, a lot D&AD annuals and numerous other books about graphic design and advertising. I'm not sure what directly influenced me, but I came away with a lot of new ideas so it was a day well spent!

Bad Typography is everywhere/good typography is invisible

A campaign by JWT Singapore for WWF. i'm not sure how well you can see this but the tagline is 'it's your turn now', this has inspired me a lot for my personal project.

Another one by JWT, India. Campaign for Levi's low rise jeans... Love it, this is exactly the kind of stuff I adore - its so simple, bold and clever, no over doing it, no trying to hard, just here's a clever way of showing you our product.

Garbarz and Patner, Hamburg, never heard of them before but I like this ad it reminds me of Jessica Haggy's work.

random book cover, don't know who designed it.

poster by Paul Sahr - exercises in futility

random again

Posters by Big Ant International - very nice! won a gold pencil for design apparently.

I like the style of these posters for sunsilk, very different from the normal glossy hair ads it would certainly cut through the shiny, fake, photoshopped women plastered all over most magazines for me!

Some nice posters for the museum of childhood in London.

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