Sunday, 3 January 2010

Research: Personal project

I spent the whole day in the library on Monday desperately trying to get some inspiration for my personal project. As I am very poor (and environmentally conscious ;) ) I thought it would be a much better idea to put stuff like this on here so I don't waste ink paper and money printing it out. I'm not substituting my sketchbook, there's still plenty of work in there but I despise cutting and sticking and typing is quicker than writing so this way I get the best of both worlds. I put so much stuff on here I am sure no reads it, but really it's just for me - it's a good way to store all the images I find so they're not clogging up my memory and I can organise them and look back at them easily. Plus I hope when it comes to the journal it will seriously cut down the amount of work I have to do! =)

This stuff is some previous political campaigns I found - judge for yourself!

These are some nice posters for an exhibition that was on at the British Library about voting. It's interesting that they've gone for a pretty harsh angle - I think this was probably great for an exhibition, attracting people who are interested to go and look, but I don't think such a directly negative approach would stop most young people in the street. I am a firm believer that the best campaigns let the reader come to the negative conclusion in their own mind and time and allow them to choose to act, just planting the seed, rather than shoving shock, angry, parent like messages down their throats. Add a little bit of wit or cleverness and you've got the perfect campaign in my mind!


This is the Conservatives new motif at the moment. Not much to say really, it's pretty generic and generally awful.

The conservatives certainly like to kick up a controversial fuss don't they! this is truly terrible, do people actually take notice of these things? Scare tactics to get people to vote is pretty low in my opinion.

At least this ad suggests they're trying to try something new and there is some style behind the idea.

This is probably one of the most recognised political adverts of all time... it's a great play on words, but it still doesn't say anything about the conservatives and you wouldn't get away with that overlapping these days! Or then again, maybe you would on political advertising!

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