Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sneak peak

Just before Easter I did the photoshoot I planned for part of the RSA stamp brief. When I began this project it was supposed to be quite a quick brief but it turns out I've found a lot to do and got a little side tracked. Consequently this is going to form part of one of my bigger projects to hand in in June.

Below are a few of the images we took. I had the help of a photographer and two lovely actors from the drama department. This was a great idea of mine and I'm really glad I went to the trouble to find these people as I think it adds a completely different dimension to the shots which I wouldn't have been able to achieve without their brilliant acting/photography skills or someone from our course whose face we all recognised.

Anyway, the shoot was a real success. I really enjoyed art directing, working with such a professional team was a real experience for me. These photos still need a bit of editing, but the raw expressions and quality is in there. A lot of importance lies on the cropping, particularly for the stamps, but I'm also going to make some animations, postcards and posters with them. Watch this space for Scotland, Ireland and Wales pics to come!

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