Monday, 5 April 2010

Jane Eyre

I am a sucker for romantic old stories. After reading Wuthering Heights in the summer and being totally shocked, I found Jane Eyre by another one of the Bronte sisters in a charity shop. What always surprizes me about stories from this era, especially those by classic female authors, is how modern they are. I guess that’s why they’re classics. Granted, there is no sex involved, which most people these days see as the sign of a good story, but these novels are so full of love, passion, scandel, heartache, betrayal and violence, it more than makes up for it. Once you get past the some times flowery language, really the heart of the books is just a good story that is what most modern day rom-coms and chick lit are based on! This book wasn’t as shocking as Wuthering heights, which completely caught me off guard as I did not expect it to be so gritty and gruesome, but I still couldn’t put it down. Now what I would really love is for some modern directors (namely my favourite, Baz Luhrman) to get their hands on these books and make them into incredible films Romeo&Juliet/Moulin Rouge stylee, which really revive them for a modern audience and bring out the raw genius of the writing!

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