Friday, 3 September 2010

New Opportunities

The month of August has also been very exciting in other ways for me, as lots of new opportunities have arisen.

Firstly, I had an interview for a Graduate scheme I applied for to win a free post grad course in Creative Business Management and a 6 month paid placement, which I recently found out I'd won.  After swearing I would not go back in to education even if someone paid me, 2 months later and I will be enrolling on a seven week post grad course at UCLAN (on my birthday, no less).  However, 7 weeks is not long, and they are paying me, so it was too good of an opportunity to turn down!  Then in October I will start a new 6 month paid placement as Graphics and Marketing assistant at a textile company called Panaz.  I am really excited about the possibilities and experience I will gain from this, and hope it will lead onto bigger and better things.  The only downside is the area, an old textile mill near Burnley - but I will be living in a gorgeous house with some new people and hopefully lots of new things to explore!

Secondly, I was approached by the agency Let Loose Design and asked to go for an interview there, so I am now officially on the books as a freelancer.  Quite how I will juggle these two things, I'm not sure yet, but for the time being things are pretty busy!

So, having recently gained a car, a new house, a job and a freelance roll, and about to turn 23, I feel like a real grown up now!  Eek! I have to pay council tax!

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