Thursday, 3 December 2009

Helen Murgatroyd

''The idea itself, even if not made visual, is as much a work of art as any finished product." Stated LeWitt in 1971. "All intervening steps, scribbles, sketches, drawings, failed work models, studies thoughts, conversations, are of interest. Those that show the thought process of the artist are sometimes more interesting than the final product." (LeWitt, 'Paragraphs on Conceptual Art', Artforum Vol.5, no. 10, Summer 1967, pp. 79-83)

I remember Sue talking about Helen in our first year, just as the tutors talked about Libby and Nicola in our second year. 'The third year girls' who become a bit iconic and the mark to which you want to live up to, and now here we are in third year so soon! Looking at their online portfolio's is a tad intimidating! Seeing Helen's work in the degree show in 1st year has always stuck in my mind because it wasn't really what I expected to see - much more abstract and arty. Over the last three years, especially this year I've realised that graphics is a wide and varied creative art.

Although doing an MA is definitely not in my thoughts at the moment, it was interesting to hear about Helen's ideas and thought processes more than anything else. She was so confident about her ideas and work, sometimes I admit I was thinking What?, but I liked her honesty in pursuing what she wanted to do and not worrying about where it had to lead to.

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