Friday, 4 December 2009

The Corporation

This is my final Poster design for The Corporation film. The idea behind the visual was a mixture between a power button, explanation mark and hypnotic spiral. I wanted something quite abstract and bold, that would stand out from a distance. I decided to print on metal because I liked the extra dimension of the reflection- a poster that changes depending on the time or position, that would catch your eye through movement, but most of all the interaction with the poster and your reflection and the distortion of it. The documentary is very much a call for action film, to make a difference it is important that each individual acts. I wanted to visually raise the theme that everything may not be as it seems behind the fa├žade of big companies, and question the individuals role in this.

I did originally think I would print all my posters on metal, but after the review we talked about the relevance of this. In order to capture the unique individual style of each film I am going to print each one on a different media.

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