Monday, 15 February 2010

mmm lovely

I LOVE Wieden and Kennedy's work. Particularly at the moment, the Cravendale adverts are great. Every time I see them it makes me smile, they are so crazy and abstract, I think that's great for such a boring and everyday product like Milk.

Then there is Lurpack... mm mm mmmmmmmmm Lurpack omg my mouth is watering just thinking about theses adverts and the lovely melting butter and hot toast and crispy bacon and fluffy jacket potatoes! It's not just the food but the beautiful shots and lighting, the seductive man narrator and the sizzling cooking sounds. Beats M&S for me any day!

I also came across these posters for Ford Pick-ups by Ogilvy - very authentic, and it's always nice to see something out of the ordinary for car ads, especially from a boring brand like Ford!

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