Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stefan Bruggemann

I do have a soft spot for art like this, statements in simple type but that really make you think. I realised I've picked out quite a few of them this year! Still, they always capture my attention and that's what I like about art. I like the simplicity as well, there is something about a written statement that appeals to me - it is so bold to just say it out loud rather than cloud the message in metaphors and images, putting the question directly in people's head, especially when the work itself questions 'art', I love that! A lot of my ideas in the silence project came out of research and exploration into the use of words and the difference of using words and images, and I enjoyed this subject a lot. I think I'll be referring back to this artist when I start one of my bigger projects later on which is going to be the Geography one from IDST about taking reading into the environment.

''Using all media, Br├╝ggemann’s works often consist of small gestures, additions, or alterations to a given space, medium, or genre.''

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