Friday, 26 March 2010

Alan Fletcher

Apologies for the terrible picture quality.
I'm going to skip the big write up as I don't what to repeat what everyone else has said. I will instead tell you the three things that struck me the most from his work.

1. A life's work - how many graphic designers have come and gone and left such a mark on the subject and influenced so many people? This was a massive collection of work, and i'm sure just the top of the iceberg. I really enjoyed how the range of work was everything from corporate pieces to personal projects for his Grandson. I felt this was a fitting tribute!

2. The work itself - If you hadn't known this work was all by the same person I don't think you could have guessed. There was no distinct style that defined Fletcher. I felt that some of the work could have been produced yesterday and no one would question that- he seemed a designer that was always one step ahead of the trend and you can literally see his influence cropping up again and again in contemporary design. You realise that nothing is completely new or original - it has all been done before.

3. I also really loved that Fletcher had put his great design and ideas to not only epic projects, good causes and big famous design agencies, but also how they had been applied to very commercial and boring brands such as tires. I have to admit when I was on work experience in London I found it very difficult to be creative with such limited brands and strict guidelines of things like H.Samuel and DHL, but Fletcher's work shows that with the right client and brand and an open mind, good design and thinking can be applied to anything to make it a better product and experience for the consumer. These are the people I want to work with in the future!

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