Monday, 31 May 2010

Final project: Voter engagement

Uni is so close to being over I can taste the freedom and it's not doing me any favours for trying to finish my last project (coincidentally the one I hope to put in the degree show so I suppose I better get a move on!)

After much development these are the final mock ups of two out of my three posters based around encouraging people to vote.  I wanted to come at this subject from a slightly different angle, so I took what I found in my research, which was that many young people do have strong and valid opinions about issues that effect us, it's just that they never make the link between that and who you vote for in the general elections.  My concept is based around taking some of these issues including teen pregnancy, the war in Iraq and benefits and reminding people that it is stuff like this we are voting for - not personality, or class but policies that will and do effect our everyday lives.  I hope that this would help spark a connection to politics in people's minds and remind them they probably already do have an opinion and can use this to vote.

My posters are designed to work both ways up to achieve this.  The same image, looked at from a different perspective, through different eyes, can mean something different to different people.  It's the right to this difference that makes this country a democracy, and should be something worth voting for!

I've tried to keep the style as simple as possible to make the image work both ways and not over complicate it.  I'm not sure if the cream on the money background is strong enough to stand out next to the blue on the gun or if the shading is quite right on the piggy bank yet....

I feel something is still missing but I can't put my finger on it!  I know everyone says please let me know what you think on here, and no one ever does... but I would really appreciate some feedback and comments on whether or not this is working or any changes you can spot??

Please help =)

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