Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fold magazine

Helen Butterworth, Maaya Lad, Alison Buckley and myself have been working on an ongoing project this term to redesign the student magazine for the new Art school and the recent rebrand.  We felt there could be a much better format and purpose to a magazine for the art school, and chose to focus on showcasing student work and providing tailor made reviews and listings about the art cultural scene in Manchester.  In this day and age, there has to be a reason for print so each magazine would showcase a students work, giving out a free limited edition poster of the work each month.  We also designed a website where more content would be uploaded and the chance for people to upload there own inspirations and reviews, as well as creating an online gallery for students to showcase their work, see other peoples work and get together for collaborations.  We called the magazine 'Fold' - a simple action that every art student takes, which we developed into a logo and concept for the design.  Each cover cleverly folds back, creating the logo and revealing a sneak preview of the poster underneath. 

As well as designing the concept, branding and website for the magazine, we also designed promotional material including flyers, posters and and ambient campaign of triangles.

We hope to do a run of the pilot issue to give away during the degree show so watch this space!

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