Monday, 7 December 2009

Worth talking about...

The new advert aimed at teenagers about contraception (the one with all the speech bubbles) was done by the agency I did my work experience at over summer. The last week I was there I sat in on a brief presentation of ideas from LIDA (The direct marketing agency of M&C Saatchi that I was working in) and M&C Saatchi themselves and saw the very first sketches and mock ups of this idea. At this stage they were still quite illustrative and for much longer conversations, but I guess the visual style was pretty close to the finished piece already. After ideas, the TV production went of to Saatchi's and the website was designed by LIDA. It was funny to see the way the two agencies worked together - one evening the creatives in my office waited until 10' 0 clock at night to get Saatchi's decision on a typeface before they could even start working on the website mock ups for a presentation the next day. Crazy. I'm not sure about the final website, I think it could have been a lot more interesting visually than it is. I wasn't sure in the first place about the idea - whether or not it was strong enough to actually reach young people? I don't know if the choice of media is right either. I think the final things are OK...hmm, nice, but that's as much enthusiasm as I can muster up. Just don't think it has enough impact or reach to get such a difficult target audience to pay any attention to such a difficult subject. Then again, maybe I am wrong!

The Tv ad:

The Website:

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