Friday, 26 March 2010

Print seminar

This was a very nice way to spend an hour handling all these lovely specimens. Below are a few of my favourites - I seem to be attracted to the simplest minimal designs and full blown images. I'm taking these traits into consideration for my journal design which will be taking place over Easter amongst many other jobs!

What did I learn?

Saddle stitch: is used on a double spread
Duplex: two pieces of card or paper stuck together to make a more rigid design usually used for invites.
How to approach a print job: Make sure you give a detailed spec of the piece including a title, format, size, stock, finishing, quantity and deadline.
Many print companies will be happy to help out students by doing free test runs and samples etc.

I'm going to have a go at some business cards over Easter, and will definitely be making the most of the discounted litho printing at uni for them and maybe a few final pieces!

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