Friday, 26 March 2010


I have spent most of this week preparing for YCN to send it off via uni for free. Wednesday morning was very manic but I managed just about to mount my boards! I entered two briefs - the Alcohol Awareness project from term 1 which I have had a lot of great feedback for, and also work I did for Google Chrome Brief. I wasn't 100% happy with my visuals for this project, I've been working on it since the beginning of term intermittently but haven't actually spent much time on it. I finally came up with an idea at the weekend and madly tried to execute it in time. My gut instinct tells me my idea is really strong - maybe that will be enough - but I feel I have a bit more time and care to put into developing the brief to make it portfolio worthy. This will be another task for over Easter so watch this space!

Google Chrome:
The brief was to educate and promote browser choice to the wider public. It was open to any media and actively encouraged to be different.

My idea was based around the amount of time people spend in their browsers a day (on average 5-6 hours) and the fact they should be comfortable - the browser is your internet living room so to speak. So, I wanted to encourage people to shop around for your browser and find one that suits you, just like you would shop for your furniture or home. I designed a fake estate agents called Browser & choice to bring this idea to life.

I feel the branding of Browser & Choice needs to be worked on first - I need to find a line between an exciting/eye catching/ engaging design and something which has the traits of an estate agents and conveys the humour in the idea. A tall order! Once I have done this I will be able to apply it to all my avenues - the website, installations/exhibitions, strategically placed 'For Sale' signs and direct mail/posters, which will make it a much more credible and all round campaign for my portfolio.

Alcohol Awareness:

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