Monday, 17 May 2010


On Tuesday we had a talk from Bryan Edmondson from design agency SEA.  I didn't think I'd heard of them before, but I recognised the book they'd produced with the metallic logo on the front.

Founded by Bryan in 1997, he described the company as pure and simple graphic design.  I spoke to him after about the short amount of time between graduating and setting up his business, just 5 years.  He said he felt they'd started to early and as a result had to learn a lot as they went along at their own expense.  This was an interesting viewpoint, different from everyone so far.  Although I appreciated what he said, I guess I wouldn't mind making mistakes at my own expense if there wasn't any job to be had anyway!

Anyway, moving on... I don't really have much to say about this lecture, the work was lovely, although not really my thing and he didn't really give us anything else other than his work.  So here's a visual feast of Sea Design!

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