Friday, 21 May 2010


As we only have two weeks to go today (Eeek!) I am starting to think about rounding up all the little things that need to be done.  I still have two projects to round up (slash do) but fingers crossed should have plenty of time to finish.

One big task was my website, which has needed finishing for a while now.  It's taken quite a while, and been through 3 different design over haul's, but now it's finally ready!  See it here.  It took me ages to sort out all the images and decide what to put on there.  I've still got a couple of projects to add and there's a few design tweaks I'm having trouble with (main image needs to be centred, more of a margin between the menu lists and borders etc) but I will have to wait for some trusty advice from Chris for that.  In the mean time I finally have a respectable website as a result of the web workshops with Chris which I am very happy with!  These workshops were one of the best things about this term, and I'm so glad I was given and took this opportunity in the end.

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