Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Cornerhouse

Exhibition: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009
There was so much good stuff here, including some work by Jack Newling and Sam Plagerson I had already seen in London underground which was cool, but I've tried to just pick out the best stuff and what influenced me the most.

Konrad Pustola - 'The dark room series - realised in clubs in Poland, this is a gaze into territories that usually remain hidden and therefore subjective to stereotypical presupposions.' These photographs are beautiful images of deserted spaces that suggest dark stories. Definitely represents silence through absence of people and oppressed connotations.

A film/moving image by Dean Kissick- 'Surrounded by unspeakable horrors, the young boy stood up and waded through pools of clotting blood to the illuminated dance floor, on his own.' The film was made up of still images (the same as La Jetee) but they were played extremely fast to music - so fast you can hardly make out the images. The effect is that you get distorted bits of images, mixed with others and certain bits become imprinted on your mind. It wasn't untill I looked back at these photos that I saw the strange white imprints that seem to have been created.

Having seen two totally different effects created by just using still images, I am now seriously considering experimenting with moving image for my silence project.

Francis Mason- These photographs of building sites have become almost sculptures as parts of the image have been filled with concrete. Very effective and decieving to look at.
I have to admit I don't usually watch films in galleries for more than a few minutes then I tend to get bored and move on, but there were a few that caught my eye in this exhibition. This film by Una Knox frames together physical and mental labour as the metaphors between the two relationships unfold. The two men go up in a lift to fetch this massive box and while they are working they're discussing things like human existence. Its a simple but I found it really fascinating watching the interactions so closely.

Paul Knight - Although these photos are quite explicit, they don't feel like they're meant to be pornographic. Knight is exploring how intimacy and bonds is created between couples. I think a few people have looked at silence and the intimacy it can allow and these photos I think show that really well.
Realised I didn't write down the name of this artist but in the centre of the gallery there were two large hoops suspended in mid air, majestically turning round. I thought they were a good representation of silence - watching them spin certainly evoked a sense of silence in the viewer.

David Price- These pieces looked pretty impressive, exploring the 'eternal fear of humankind', with images of strange under the sea scenes kind of melted into the defaced carpets.

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