Saturday, 24 October 2009

Clinton's advice

As part of wacky week I signed up for tutorials with Mack and Clinton.
Yesterday there was only a few of us with Clinton, and instead of launching into our silence project straight away we had a good chat about work placements, other work we were doing and where we wanted to end up. Clinton gave us some great advice, told us to re-evaluate our skills and try to imagine where we think we want to go when we finish uni. He advised us to make sure that by christmas that we had a strong idea of the direction that we wanted out work to go in. This was not meant to mean that we should pigeon hole ourselves or narrow our options, but to make sure that we know what are strengths are and what we want to get out of this degree.

This tutorial really helped me clear my mind and summarise everything that i've been thinking about since summer. I have been slowly, and without realising it, drifting away from being so set on advertising. This is a scary prospect! It's not that I have ruled it out, I still think my strengths lie in idea generation and I love the psychology behind it, it's just that I want to do something more. I don't want to sit at a desk and be an idea machine, I want to meet clients, solve real problems, work on things that I care about and work with people who I have chemistry with. Clinton said that we should see ourselves as 'creatives' that can actually work in a number of jobs and places, create work for ourselves and be very adaptable to different situations.

We discussed that sometimes it's difficult to know the exact jobs out there and what they actually entail outside of the obvious ones. Clinton told us it's really important to research out who is in industry, what their jobs are, which are the jobs you want to do and how did they get there?

This tutorial helped me so much I feel a lot less scared about confronting the real world but more importantly, i'm quite excited that my life is not mapped out and I don't know what's going to happen or where it might lead any more!

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