Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tate Liverpool

Liverpool continued!
Here's some stuff I found at the Tate... Again I've tried to select just the best bits, the stuff I really liked.
The first few things are really relevant to my silence project and will be reappearing in my sketchbook!

David Lamelas - Time
Each person has to count 60 seconds before they turn to the next person. A visual way to record the movement of time. I guess time could be thought of as silent - a clock ticks but time itself just goes on and on without any interruptions, it doesn't make a sound yet it dictates everything.

Francis Alys - A personal repertoire of possible behaviour while walking the streets of London town.
I really love this work (there were many of them but I can't find images). Posed scenarios of a journey around town displayed next to a list of verbs which all could describe what is going on. The work is simple and beautifully presented and links with my silence ideas.
Luis Camnitzer - sentences
'Six chrome plated cubes each with an inscription describing a visual situation in raised typeface.' I have a lot more research into this artist to do - what I've seen so far has really inspired my project.

Rebecca Horn - pencil mask
This looks quite sinister in the picture - maybe its meant to - but the mask fits perfectly on the artists face and she used it to draw. I'm not sure what it was that drew me to this concept, I like the fact that the marks would be different for every face, that they respond to the way that your body moves. You could never create the same drawing twice.

Richard Artschwager - tower 2
This tower is about communication. When two people talk through the wall the artist leaves only space for the face to be seen, highlighting the eyes and mouth and forcing them to focus on this. In my project, working with words, I want to experiment with removing all of this communication, to see how it effects people's personal interpretations.
Richard Long - Here the artist records his journey in writing with one line of physical descriptions and one with descriptive imagery.
Another piece which really caught my eye - Robert Morris - location space. Little indicators on each edge adjust to the space which the work is placed to measure how far away it is.

Allen Jones - chair

Antony Gormley - Three ways, Mole hole and passage

John Coplans - self portrait
Jeff Koons - Three ball equilibrium tank

Bob and Roberta Smith - Make Art not War
Bruce Mclean - pose for work on plinths
'Iconic and humorous commentary on what he considered to be the pompous monumentality of Henry Moore's large plinth based sculptures. Use of plinths is a reference to the dogmatic rejection of plinths as a legitimate base'

Charles Ray - Plank Piece

Dan Flavin - creates pieces of work that are dictated by the place they are to be exhibited. In the corner of Tate, the dimensions mean that it can hang in the middle of the wall with no support from below or above. The cross shape has no symbolic reference.
Heinz Mack - Light Dynamo
The best optical illusion I've ever seen!!
Helen Chadwick - Ego geometria sum : The labours

John Davies - The redeemers
extremely creepy, I found this very difficult to look at!!

Julian Opie - You see an office building

Edgar Degas - Little dancer aged 14

Man Ray - indestructible object
This object was made by Man Ray when Lee Miller left him. It is her eye attached to a metronome creating a beating, pulsing object that could watch him while he worked.

Michelangelo Pistoletto - door
This door is about personal identity in a world full of symbols and signs. I just realised when looking him up that I posted some more of his work earlier that was at the London Tate gallery.

Reg Butler - girl on a round base

Richard Serra - patience
This reminded me of a massive cliff face/mountain on a dark night, with two figures making their way across the top. I have no idea why.

Ron Mueck - ghost
I've seen some of his work last year in London at an exhibition called 'statuphilia'. His work is so lifelike but always the scale or shape is out of place. I don't usually particularly like work that places with scale, but his work is so effecting.
Rene Magritte - The future of statues

Thomas Demand - Zeichensaal (draft room)

Thomas Schutte - untitled

Yayoi Kusama - the passing winter
What struck me about this mirrored box, something I had never thought about with reflections like this, is that they are infinite. That just completely blows my mind!!

I got so much out of this trip it was a really productive day. The exhibition was split into three sections and layed out very nicely... particularly the 'remixed' part. This room was transformed into a silent disco complete with music choice, dance floor, and disco lights. It explored the human body and how it has been represented in sculpture throughout the ages. It was a refreshing change from the norm and we had a nice little boogy!

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