Sunday, 18 October 2009

Liverpool on a shoestring

A few of us had already planned to go to Liverpool this weekend so we took a little road trip in Helen's car! I've never been to Liverpool before, although I have been meaning to go for years!

There's so much to do there we didn't get round half the places we wanted to go but it was still a very productive trip.

We also visited Fact gallery which, although the 'Yes Man' exhibition wasn't actually there (very badly advertised) we did come across this little gem.

In this dark room there was a spinning table in the middle with zombie figures round the edge. Each figure was in a different pose so as the table moved it became like a moving image and looked the little zombies were dancing to thriller (which was playing). Add a flashing strobe light to create moving shadows projected right round the room and we had ourselves a very bizarre but cool 3D zombie flip book experience!

Another exhibition there called 'primitive' by artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul. This thai artist 'rejects conventional narrative structures in favour of open, collaborative processes that highlight hidden histories and capture real human experience'. His work consisted of seven films and an artist book.

Some interesting things from around the city...

While we were trying to find the 'Yes Man' exhibition we stumbled across the cathedral.

I can only say that I thought it was a hideous monstrosity. It was certainly different from any other but the dirty concrete and shiny panel sheeting stuff was just horrible. I thought it looked like a cross between a factory and a a rocket launcher.

When I got up close to it I could appreciate the grandness of the structure a little bit more... A little bit... but the colours and the lines created were just so harsh and unwelcoming.

Inside it was much nicer - vast and circular with everything leading towards the middle rather than the front.

We came across the most beautiful tapestry hanging in an alcove, which took 6 years to make. The tree branches actually came of the canvas and the water was woven with glitter.

In the shop I found this beautiful fold out timeline of Art history. It was designed by Sarah Fanelli especially for the Tate. If I'd had 7.50 I would have bought it, but its a good example of a folding document!

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