Saturday, 24 October 2009

le scaphandre and la papillon

le scaphandre and la papillon - Directed by Julian Schnabel
''Elle France editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who, in 1995 at the age of 43, suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, except his left eye. Using that eye to blink out his memoir, Bauby eloquently described the aspects of his interior world, from the psychological torment of being trapped inside his body to his imagined stories from lands he'd only visited in his mind.''

I remember this film being at the cornerhouse and I very nearly went to see it but never got round to it. I can't believe I didn't know what I was missing out on. As everyone has said, this is an absolutely beautiful film, perfectly directed and it so captured Bauby's experiences and emotions.

I know many people have said that they found this film an emotional roller-coaster, but for me, although it was a very touching and tender memoir, I didn't cry, and I'm a crier! I felt all the way through that Bauby was a very strong character before his stroke so I have to admit I never felt pity. His tone of voice - the dialogue he continues to have through the film that no one else can hear, was always sarcastic and humorous. Yes he did go through the self pity, I want death thoughts but somehow the overwhelming feeling that I got from him was realisation and a stark take on reality, and above all defiance.

The fact that he died 10 days after his book was published is a miraculous true story which made everything he did seem even more an act of enormous strength and self preservation. I think that human will power and strength can be an incredible thing that can allow people to hold onto life until they have accomplished what they need to.

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