Monday, 7 December 2009

Alcohol Aware... ta daa


Finally I have found an idea, stuck to it and designed it. I came up with the 'spin the bottle' thought late last sunday night right before bed after many, many not so good ideas. I scribbled it down and went to bed.

Then I spent all week 'thinking' about the idea, how could it work? I just couldn't seem to start it off. I started to panic a bit that I wasn't going to get anywhere and with everything else going on it felt like everything was piling up! eek.

On Thursday I met with Anna Hartly (the only other person doing this brief) and very nearly jumped ship to her idea to work as a team I was so desperate (and her idea was so good). I calmed down after a while and realised it would be unfair at this stage for either of us to abandon our ideas and work together, so we decided to help each other and submit separate pieces. Anna helped me loads getting started with the visuals and finally on Friday I got somewhere.

Over the weekend and today I managed to produce my final concept and 3 boards for tomorrow wahhooo. I grabbed Liz for 5 mins to OK my concept - after working for the last two weeks with no feedback I was worried in case my idea was actually a load of rubbish, but luckily she liked it. I think there's a little work to do on perfecting the visual style, but hopefully not too much. Looking forward to finally getting some feedback so I can finish it off and hopefully send it in to YCN!

My final idea is an interactive billboard that would be at bus stops and on the streets. The digital poster invites you to 'spin the bottle' in the style of the apple i-phones/pods. As it spins round it would light up each segment until it slows down to a stop. The segment it lands on will reveal a negative effect of drinking that young people can relate too such as 'Bad skin' or 'Bad sports performance'. Each time you spin it could land in a different place, revealing a different answer. The poster would also offer a text or blue tooth service so that you could receive further 'tips and advice' of how to avoid these things to your mobile.

During my research and ideas in the first week, I asked Liz to ask her 13 year old son and his friends, and Stacie's younger sisters a few questions such as what brands they liked, what and where they spent most of their free time doing, which celebrities they looked up to etc. The research turned out to be really useful and I got quite a few answers I wasn't expecting. I realised that 13-16 year olds aspire to much more sophisticated brands and therefore visual styles than I wouldn't have expected. This really helped me in my ideas development - I definitely would have had a very different visual outcome.

I have also developed the idea across Facebook and YouTube and a direct mail piece. I know I still have a little bit of work to do on this, but I am actually really pleased I kept at it and persevered with this brief (There was a point when I was considering changing briefs it was all going so wrong). For once I have finished something that I'm pleased with for the pin-up!

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