Friday, 11 December 2009

I have just had a spring/winter clean of my laptop ready to get windows 7 and lots of nice new things, and it took me 3 hours. I find these pics from two London exhibitions that I have been looking for for ages! I realised they're rubbish pictures, don't know what I was doing with the camera, but they were both really great exhibitions so I thought I'd put them up. I'm sure there were more somewhere...

The Design Museum - Super Contemporary
London thinks, designs and makes like no other city; it creates and the world follows. A magnet for mavericks and freethinkers, London has nurtured a creative community that continues to rival all other design capitals. So, Design Museum joined forces with Beefeater 24 to celebrate the fearlessly progressive spirit of London's greatest creative minds, past and present.

I am sorry the pics were not better (not sure what an earth I was doing with the camera this day) because I spent about 4 hours looking round this one exhibition, it was one of the most interesting and informative exhibitions I have ever been too and I learnt loads.

The history of underwear at the Textile museum in London. A bit pricy to get in considering the size but it was good. I love timelines because I am such a geek and this one was really great- the history of underwear contextualised with important historical events concerning women, politics and design. There was some very old (1600's) and some very expensive (diamond encrusted chanel) under garments on display, some crazy totally impractical ones and some beautifully exquisitely designed pieces. I never realised how closely women's underwear and politics related!

P.S now I have windows 7 and CS4 and have fallen in love with my computer all over again =) Speedy Gonzalez!

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