Monday, 7 December 2009

Time is money

I have had numerous horrible jobs since I came to uni, the Student union, Debenhams, festivals, waitressing, and since I started doing the open days last year it has been the best job ever. Flexible, worth putting on your CV, good pay, and fun compared.

A few weeks a go I went to work at a UCAS fair in London, put up in a hotel for 2 nights and all food and expenses covered, then we did one in Manchester the week after. I've also been invigilating the shows in the Holdon gallery in 3 hour shifts which is amazing - get paid to literally sit there and do you work (and check no one tampers with the show). It's a great time to blog and I get to look at the exhibitions properly. On Thursday I'm running a school open day where we get to spend the morning making posters with the kids and get paid for it. All in all I think I'm pretty lucky to have such a great job. Although it's not directly related to design, I have had an insight into the marketing and design side at MMU and it's great people and presentation/confidence experience.

Which brings me to the original point of this post, in June after we broke up I worked at the degree show for the week. I admit I never really looked properly round the degree show before which is quite bad. I'd just wonder round the bits I thought would be interesting. However, as I had the whole week 'looking after it' I went everywhere, and looked at everything, in every nook and cranny. I discovered so much more! It was really inspiring as well, to be in such a creative atmosphere I was brimming with ideas and bought my sketchbook to scribble everything down. Here's some of the best things...

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