Thursday, 22 April 2010

Love Creative

Today I had my second portfolio crit with Love Creative and the creative director Phil, and Chris Myers, another creative. I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, as Love are number one on my list for a placement when I leave. I have been aspiring to work like theirs ever since we were given the little brown velvet books in first year.

After a crazy rush to print one last sheet off of work that i'm doing right now (broken hard drives and forgotten cables meant a very late noght and early morning), I turned up at their office nice and early. The office was exactly like I anticipated, full of lovely things and funky furniture.

Anyway, back to the important bit! Phil and Chris were really friendly, so we got off to a great start. They flicked through my book while I talked about each project. I felt like we got a good conversation going and had a lot to talk about. They were very positive about my work and liked my book a lot. They commented on the fact that my panic and silence briefs were very random, but I explained this was the nature of the experimental and open briefs and they said the thinking behind them was still interesting to see. Chris really loved the idea of my Stonewall brief (which incidentally was the one Jonny Hardstaff commented on as weaker) although he advised that I could re-present the postcards using photographs instead of the drawings now that I am not restricted by the copywrite rules of the brief.

What I realised overall (apart from how nice it is to be praised) was how important it is to stick with the work that you feel confident with - just because one person doesn't like it doesn't mean another person won't love it! It gave me confirmation of which briefs to keep in and which to take out when it comes to leaving with my book in June. I know what kind of work I want to do and I need to reflect this as much as possible, but without compromising the variety and range of my skills. There is always my website to display work which doesn't make it into the book but is still relevant.

As Chris closed my book, he commented that it wasn't really a design portfolio (which was a good thing for them), and I was pleased with this as I do not call myself a designer and I do not want to be a designer!

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