Thursday, 22 April 2010

New Brief!

Over Easter I embarked on a research project which is to form the basis of my new brief about voter engagement in young people. I decided I wanted to write my own brief this time, so it was important to make sure I got my head round the situation so I could write a brief that was not going to fall apart when I started working on it.

I decided to put this research into a book, partly because it's a big part of this project, and partly because I wanted to leave uni with some research that I can show to people to show that i'm interested in and capable of working on all sides of the brief. I wanted to take the research out of my sketchbook just to keep it as clear and easy to understand as possible and not get caught up with all the cutting and sticking and scribbling that makes a sketchbook much more personal.

Here's the new brief that I have come up with, which I will be working on now until the end of term!

Brief: Voter engagement in young people

18-24 year olds have the lowest recorded voting numbers of all, and each year they are declining. There is a general feeling of disillusionment amongst this age group and a disdain from older audiences towards them for not voting. With the approach of the 2010 general election, it's important to re-engage youth and remind them how important it is to vote.

The Brief:
To create a full campaign that encourages young people to actively get involved in politics during the election and re-animate their interest. These include:

Lack of understanding and unbiased, accessible information and comparisons between parties
Feeling like your vote won't make a difference
No faith in the government

Target Audience: 18-24 year olds across a wide range of students, professionals and unemployed.

Aims & Objectives:
To challenge young people to think about what their vote means
To address the target audience in appropriate media
To actively engage young people with the voting system

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