Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Self Promotion

For ages I have been thinking of an idea for my self promotion. I didn't want to do a logo as that is not one of my strengths in design, my initials are a bit boring to work with. I was having difficulty thinking of something that represented what I do and how I want to be seen out in the real world, when I finally thought about this idea. I wanted to get across that my work relies heavily on research and concepts, that I enjoy all aspects of a brief from the beginning to the end and I can turn my hand to many different things. Hence Left Brain Right Brain! This shows two different sides of the business card, reflecting different sides of the brain. And there was the added bonus of it looking like a speech bubble!

I am really pleased with this idea and design, which i'm going to put across my website, portfolio and CV. I'll be sending these to John in the Litho print before the degree show!

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