Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mini roof design!

Today was the big results of the mini competition design that Stacie and myself entered. There were numerous entries but due to a mix up of where to send them, only ours and another girls were displayed in the show. All the entries were still judged though, and were announced as being in the top two. Sadly we didn't win, which I was pretty disappointed about, but we did get loads of free mini stuff including a mouse, usb stick and notebooks and free mini cakes.

The girl who won was a 3rd year embroidery student, whose idea was based on road markings. I may be biased, but I thought our design was much more original and interesting than her's, but she did present it better which I think is what swung it for her. Rooky mistake on our part that we didn't present the work as a mock up and put our explanation at the front (it was on the back), I was a bit angry with myself that we didn't - just slipped our minds being so busy with everything else - it would have been an amazing opportunity to win! However, I consider myself well and truly taught my lesson that I will not forget soon - always make sure your work is presented in the very best possible mannor! A good lesson to have finally sunk as we loom closer to the end.

I will be re-doing the presentation complete with mini mock ups for my portfolio!

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